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Our Work

Lingzhou Chemical Corporation, in collaboration with Changzhou Chemical Plant, is excited to reveal an ongoing project aimed at producing CO2-based Polyol and Polyolefin. Leveraging the untapped potential of carbon dioxide, we aim to transform it into valuable chemical products used widely in industries like automotive, insulation, and packaging. This initiative represents not just an environmental stride, but also an advancement in the use of CO2 as a chemical industry raw material, embodying our commitment to sustainable solutions and a greener future.



CO2 based Polyol and Polyolefin Production

We are pioneering an innovative project to transform carbon dioxide into valuable CO2-based Polyol and Polyolefin, paving the way for more sustainable solutions in chemical manufacturing


Polyolefin Plant Inspection

We diligently monitors the progress of our innovative project that transforms carbon dioxide into CO2-based Polyol and Polyolefin, to ensure its timely and effective implementation for a more sustainable future



New LPG ship “Jinguiyuan" is added to fleet on 6/30/2023

Lingzhou Chemicals took delivery of a newly built 5,500 cubic meter LPG ship, named 'Jinguiyuan' by CEO Zhou Jianhuai. This boosts the company's transportation capacity and strengthens logistics services, aiding the growth of the domestic LPG industry.


Typhoon In-Fa Defense

In response to Typhoon In-fa, Lingzhou Chemical Corporation has leveraged its resources and expertise to contribute significantly to disaster relief efforts, helping mitigate the impact and aid in community recovery.

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